Please find the most common frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find an answer to your question, contact us today.

**NEW** The resource has recently been updated, how can I see the changes?

Clearing your cache is often necessary to see changes in a website due to the way web browsers store and retrieve data. The cache is a temporary storage location on your computer or device that stores copies of recently accessed data from websites you visit.
Clearing your cache forces the browser to download the latest versions of the files from the server, ensuring that you see the most up-to-date content. To clear your cache, you can typically find an option within your web browser’s settings or preferences, usually under the “Clear History” options, or press Ctrl + Shift + Delete in your browser on Windows, or Command + Shift + Delete in your browser on Mac. From this new screen, you can select or deselect what is needed to be cleared.

**NEW** What do I do if the page isn’t loading?

Our team are constantly testing any new changes to ensure everything is running smoothly. If an edit is needed to a new change, we may need to reboot the server for the change to take affect. This may cause your page to time-out with a 502 Gateway Time-Out or an Unable to Connect. Please give it a few minutes and reload your page. If the problem persists, please send us through an email to and we can get on to it ASAP.

Which browser do you recommend using for the Understanding Faith resource?

The Understanding Faith resource will work on most browsers, however, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

What device can I access the Understanding Faith resource on?

The Understanding Faith resource can be accessed on all devices – Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Laptop, iPad, Android Tablet and Smartphones. We test the resource on all devices.

When is Understanding Faith updated?

The Understanding Faith resource is usually updated twice a year, June and December. When the update is running, the site may be down for maintenance for the day.

How do I share log in detail with staff and students?

In a private and secure manner. Many schools use their secure School Intranet portals or School Apps.
Please do not publish log in details on a public webpage or online newsletter.

Can students use the log in details at home?

Yes, student can use the Understanding Faith resource at home with family as long as log in details are shared as above.

When I click a link from my teacher, I am redirected to the log in page, what am I doing wrong?

Please ensure you are logged in FIRST before clicking on any links to direct you to a specific part in the Understanding Faith resource.

I ordered in term 2, does my subscription go through to term 2 next year?

No, subscriptions are active from January 1st to December 31st each year. Subscriptions are based on full school enrolments and calculated with pro rata rates when ordering throughout the year ie Term 2 = 25% off, Term 3 = 50% off, Term 4 = 75% off. All subscriptions have an expiry date of December 31st.

Can I get a trial for myself?

Our free school trial is available for full school access. We provide only ONE trial per school so please ensure details are forwarded to any appropriate teacher within your school in a private and secure manner.

Can I order Understanding Faith for myself?

Understanding Faith subscriptions are based on full school enrolments, we are unable to provide access to individuals due to copyright licensing restrictions.

Can I order Understanding Faith for my class only?

Understanding Faith is generally for full school enrolments. Under special circumstances, we can tailor the subscription.

For example, in primary, we can tailor the resource to student numbers in a FULL year level, ie a Kinder subscription would have access to all the Kinder units only and all other units will be inactive.

In secondary, we can tailor the resource for:
* ALL junior school students to access Units 0 – 23 only.
* ALL senior school students to access Units 24-63 only.
* ALL Studies in Catholic Thought students to access Units 50-61 only.
* Or ALL Studies of Religion students to access SOR Units only.

Can I order Understanding Faith for the teachers at my school?

We are unable to provide a subscription for teachers only.

How can I search for a particular part of Understanding Faith?

The Understanding Faith resource features two search functions, one on the main page of Understanding Faith and one within each unit. You can search for phrases, topics, videos, words etc. Within each units “Search” tab you will find a tagcloud of the most common topics within that particular unit.

The Interactive Activity or Slideshow is not displaying/working properly, what can I do?

We recommend checking the following:
*A firewall may be blocking some of the content. We recommend adding our URL to the firewall white list eg and/or .
*Popups may be disabled. Please check and enable popups for Understanding Faith.
*Ensure your browser is up to date with the newest version.

I would like to save my students results from the Interactive Activities, how do I do this?

You can print the results from the Results slide of the Interactive Activity. You can also save the results as a PDF using the “Print to PDF” option in the Printing General Settings.

NB. Printing from an iPad is available only when both the iPad and Printer are connected through the same WiFi and the printer has a AirPrint compatible feature.

The YouTube video is no longer available, what can I do?

Unfortunately, YouTube videos may be removed from time to time. This is out of our control.

There are two ways to communicate the issue with us:
1. Use the “Feedback” tab available on the left side of all pages.
2. Email us at and let us know the Unit/Part/Page and YouTube title.

We will find another YouTube to replace the unavailable video.

The external link is not working properly, what can I do?

Unfortunately, external pages may be removed from time to time. This is out of our control.

There are two ways to communicate the issue with us:
1. Use the “Feedback” tab available on the left side of all pages.
2. Email us at and let us know the Unit/Part/Page and link.

We will find another suitable webpage.

Where can I find the Primary Curriculum Mapping for my diocese?

View the Primary Curriculum Mapping list to find out how your curriculum aligns with the Understanding Faith resource.

If you cannot find your diocese or your curriculum has recently been updated, please send us through a copy of your curriculum or Scope and Sequence and we can map it to the Understanding Faith resource.

How can I quickly see what is included in each unit so I can see if it is relevant for my students?

Within a primary unit Contents Page, each unit will begin with a Teacher Overview. Each Overview will state the Focus points discussed within the Part.

Within a unit Contents Page, keep an eye out for the Overview, Summary and Glossary Pages, and also the “View Main Topics” drop down list, which will highlight each main topic discussed within the Part. Each of these main topics is also hyperlinked to its location.

Do you have any instructional videos for using the resource more efficiently?

Yes, subscribe to the Understanding Faith YouTube Channel to view the regularly updated and added webinar videos on various subjects to assist with teaching RE. Our most popular video is the ‘Survey Responses’ available at

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