Understanding Faith is the only comprehensive online religious education resource of its type. It is unrivalled in the pedagogies it uses to build and nurture the Catholic faith in young people.

Its holistic approach means schools have access to the widest range of resources. All units have been checked for doctrinal accuracy and have been matched exactly to your curriculum.

Most of all, Understanding Faith’s multimedia approach engages students through a variety of formats including songs, videos and interactive activities. It is tailored to all levels in primary and secondary schools to foster faith and spirituality. It beats the textbook approach – every time!

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  • 3,600+ interactive activities in a variety styles
  • 1,050+ printable worksheets for the more traditional learner
  • 1,575+ YouTube video extracts
  • 1,050+ video extracts
  • 775+ podcasts and music
  • 2000+ slideshows to enrich multiple learning styles
  • 325+ newspaper articles to enhance the relevance of religious education
  • 14,000+ images
  • Podcast transcripts for students who are hearing impaired


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