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First Nations Language Map:

Primary Content Summaries:

View the Primary Content Summaries below. Each stage can be downloaded as a PDF.

Kindergarten (Units 1-9)

Stage 1 (Units 10-25)

Stage 2 (Units 26-41)

Stage 3 (Units 42-57)

Secondary Content Summaries:

View the Secondary Content Summaries below. Each stage can be downloaded as a PDF.

Stage 4 (Units 0-9)

Stage 4 – 5 (Units 10-17)

Stage 5 (Units 18-23)

Stage 5 – 6 (Units 24-32)

Stage 6 (Units 33-49)

Stage 6 (Units 50-64)

Secondary Multimedia Index Quick Guides:

Access the secondary resource multimedia index quick guides below:

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