NOTE: These general Terms and Conditions do not replace the License Agreement. Please refer to the License Agreement for full Terms and Conditions.

The subscription fee entitles the school to the following, throughout the subscription year:

  1. Unlimited use of the Understanding Faith multimedia content within the subscribed school;
  2. Printing of PDF files, for use within the subscribed school. This includes its teachers and students only;
  3. IT support direct with Understanding Faith by phone, email and remote access.

You are not permitted to:

  1. Sell the resource or part thereof to any individual or corporation;
  2. Reproduce the resource or part thereof to any individual or corporation;
  3. Use the resource beyond the subscription year that it was purchased.
  4. Issue passwords to students, teachers or schools who are not part of your subscription agreement.
  5. Make the resource publicly available on the Internet or via any other medium.


  • At the commencement of each year, a revised edition of Understanding Faith will be available to each school after renewing its subscription.
  • All subscription fees are payable for use of this resource throughout the calendar year.
  • Subscriptions for each title must be renewed to continue using this service in subsequent years.
  • Each revised edition of this resource will contain updates, including new activities, worksheets, interactive and other features.

Product Description

Understanding Faith is a series of Religious Education Resources available for primary and secondary students in a range of titles. In order to purchase these resources, each school must subscribe to Understanding Faith and pay a subscription fee based on:

  1. the number of titles purchased, and
  2. the number of students in the school.

Purchasing Process

Ordering Understanding Faith:

  1. An authorised officer from the school can complete the online order form or printable order form, selecting the titles desired.
  2. If using the paper form, forwarded to Understanding Faith by email or standard post.
  3. Your Understanding Faith Multimedia username and password will be emailed to your school together with the annual subscription invoice.
  4. Each school has a 30-day account with Understanding Faith.

NOTE: As per the pricing table:

  1. The price varies according to the size of the school and the number of titles purchased.
  2. Schools purchasing the entire resource will attract the most substantial discount.
  3. Purchases arranged through a cluster, diocesan or religious orders school attract a very affordable rate per student for a bulk order.
  4. Smaller dioceses and schools can attract a more affordable rate to utilise the Understanding Faith resource.

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