What’s New in November 2022?

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Full updates to Units 1-7
Updates and enhancements to many interactive activities and images
Conversion and update of many slideshows
Full updates to Units 31-34
2x New Parts to Unit 33: Search for Meaning
Part Nine: Maya Religion
Part Ten: Inca Religion
Updates to the Census figures and content in Unit 44
Addition of The Fifth Plenary Council content in Unit 17 and Unit 52
Addition of Teacher “Unpacking the Scriptures” Exegesis for Units 0-11
Updates and enhancements to many interactive activities and images
78x new podcasts
30x new newspaper articles
ABC Radio National – Late Night LiveThe Story Behind the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
ABC Radio National – God ForbidWhat if we Lived with Less?
ABC Radio National – The Drawing RoomThe Power of Influence
ABC Radio National – All in the MindControlling the Chatter in Your Head
ABC Radio National – All in the MindSeeing Red – Anger and Aggression
ABC Radio National – Future TenseSpace Pollution
ABC Radio National – The Drawing RoomPlanting the Seeds of the Future
ABC Radio National – Big IdeasSustainable Fashion
ABC Radio National – Religion and Ethics Report – The Vatican’s War Diplomacy
The Catholic Weekly – Children Slid into Covid’s Digital Effect
The Catholic Weekly – Heroes of Casino Floods
The Catholic WeeklyTo Free the Slave
The Catholic LeaderLismore Rises Above All
The Catholic LeaderTutu Had Close Catholic Ties
The Catholic LeaderGetting to the Heart of the ‘Liturgy Wars’
The Catholic WeeklyChaplains Stand Beside our Nation’s Protectors

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