What’s New in 2022?

What's New

Understanding Faith is an educational ministry of St Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie, under the leadership of Parish Priest, Father Paul Gooley.

We are very proud of our unique multimedia resource, which links student content, Church teachings and Scripture, to interactive activities, video excerpts, radio broadcasts, music, newspaper articles, slideshows, and the internet – as well as pedagogically sound and contemporary teaching and learning activities.

New Inclusions for 2022:

– Full updates to Units 8-22
– Updates and enhancements to many interactive activities and images
– Conversion and update of many slideshows

– Full updates to Units 21-30
– 2 x New Studies of Religion Units:

– A new secondary unit:

– Updates and enhancements to many interactive activities and images
– 34 x new and relevant videos
– 81 x new podcasts
– 25 x new newspaper articles

Some examples of these include:
Compass – The Jesuit Who Dared
What Does Australia Really Think About – Disability?
Compass – Bill Crews vs Coronavirus
Four Corners – Tik Tok
What It’s Like – To Be Aboriginal

Late Night Live – Ecocide, A New International Crime
All in the Mind – Are the Teens Alright?
Big Ideas – Covid ‘Iso’ and the Teen Brain
Future Tense – Ligating Our Way Out of Climate Change
Big Ideas – Indigenous History

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