Walking in the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit

The people of God in Australia are invited to make the prayerful journey towards the Second Assembly of the Plenary Council through the Walking in the Spirit prayer pilgrimage.

This pilgrimage was prepared to encourage all Church members and communities to keep the Plenary council in their prayers for the lead up to the Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia, in July.

On the Plenary Council website there is a list of resources that were put together by Catholic communities and individuals, to use for this prayer pilgrimage. They include General Intercessions, Examens, Lectio Divina and prayers for Liturgy, classroom, meetings and home settings. These prayers allow us to have the Plenary Council as our Spiritual Focus during the next coming months.

We pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and grace for the Members who will gather and also for ourselves and the Church, that we may have the courage to follow where God is leading us.

“As we move towards the development, consideration and approval of key proposals to renew the Church in Australia, the need for prayer has never been greater.” – Bishop Shane Mackinlay.

Plenary Council

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