Conversion of St. Paul


The Conversion of St Paul is celebrated on January 25th, and is recognised as one of the greatest events of the early Church. This is due to the fact that prior to Paul’s (previously Saul) conversion on the road to Damascus, he had persecuted Christians.

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Saints of October

October Saints

Saints are those who are recognised as having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness to God. It comes from the Greek work ‘hagious’ which means “consecrated to God”. October is a great month to reflect on the Saints of the Catholic Church as we celebrate many of the Churches greatest.

See below for some information about 7 Saints who celebrate their feast days in October.

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Feast of Corpus Christi


Corpus Christi, also known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, is celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday. This year, it is celebrated on the 8th of June. This feast day, translated as “The Body and Blood of Christ”, is a day to honour the sacred body of Jesus Christ.

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Mark the Evangelist


The 25th of April is the Feast Day of Mark the Evangelist, the author of Mark’s Gospel in the New Testament. Mark’s gospel influenced Matthew and Luke to write their gospels. It is the shortest account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He is known as the Patron Saint of lawyers, lions, notaries, and prisoners.

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