Click to Pray – The Pope’s Prayer Network

Click to Pray is a platform that invites people from around the world to accompany the Pope on a mission of compassion for the world. It can be accessed through the website, or mobile app.

Click to Pray has been developed by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and is designed to connect thousands of people, all over the world, who are praying for humanity and for the mission of the Church. It was introduced in March, 2016 and was the official prayer site for this year’s World Youth Day.

Click to Pray has three main sections:

Pray with the Pope – Join the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions;
Pray Every Day – A prayer rhythm involving three daily moments;
Pray with the Network – A space where users can share their prayers with others.

Each participant is invited to create a personal profile and join thousands of others in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. By creating a profile, you can then propose prayer intentions. The idea is that you participate in three prayer sessions per day, and you can choose the time that suits you best.

The Pope unveiled his very own profile during the Sunday Angelus prayer in Saint Peter’s Square in January. You can see the Pope’s profile here:

The website proposes nine steps to deepen your attachment to the heart of Jesus.

  1. In the beginning there was love – the first and most enduring Word in our life of faith is the Father’s everlasting love.
  2. The human heart, restless and needy – a life of love and generosity and a pathway of faith, prayer and life is the true way to happiness.
  3. In a broken world – we live in a wounded world, but in our cries for peace and justice, we can hear the Father calling us to return to Him.
  4. The Father sends His Son to save – the Father has not forsaken us, but has sent His Son who gave his life for us and whom the Father rose from the dead.
  5. He calls us his friends – Jesus calls us to a personal and intimate covenant of love with him.
  6. Christ abides in us – out of his unlimited love for us, God desires to inhabit our hearts.
  7. We offer our lives along with him – to come closer to Christ leads us to give our lives for others.
  8. A mission of compassion – God wishes to make His compassion present in the world in and through us.
  9. A worldwide network of prayer and service attentive to the needs of humanity – the apostleship of prayer is a worldwide network to the service of the pope’s monthly prayer intentions.

– Sourced on 4 February 2019

The Click to Pray Website is found at: CLICK TO PRAY

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