International Youth Day


International Youth Day celebrates the importance of the contribution that our youth make to society, and to ensure that they are being heard. This year, we celebrate International Youth Day on the 12th of August.

With 1/6th of the global population being the world’s youth, they face different challenges depending where in the world they live. Those living in developed and developing countries are likely to experience mental or social challenges, and those living in underdeveloped countries are likely to face extreme poverty in the areas of education, health and employment. This day gives the chance to address the legal and cultural issues young people may face, recognises their abilities and gives them the courage to continue to speak up and address the issues that are important to them.

These issues and challenges that they experience are widely discussed on all local, institutional and governmental levels. This day sees seminars, training sessions, debates, discussion forums, key speakers, fundraisers and the distribution of educational materials.

International Youth Day is an important and successful day as it focuses building on a better world for our youth, raises awareness about poverty and encourages creative thinking for a better future.

3 ways you can be involved in International Youth Day include attending an event (such as a concert, sporting events, parade and exhibitions organised for the day), lend a helping hand to our youth and have inter-generational discussions and really listen to what the youths concerns and inputs are.


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