Mother’s Day During Covid-19

Mother’s day for mothers around the world looked a little (or a lot) different this year. No big family gatherings, no travelling and no public celebrations.

So what did you do to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Usually my family travels from all over the state to gather in our home town for a picnic by the lake which is by our old family home. It’s always a nostalgic day, mum sold the family house thirteen years ago, after dad passed away. So being at the lake for Mother’s Day always brings back a rush of childhood memories. Its also a chance to catch up with everyone in my family, which we only do once or twice a year. Our family is quite big, hence the outdoor gathering. Its really the only way we can all be together. I know mum must sit back and watch her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with some sense of pride. A big, noisy, crazy group of people, full of love and energy, all created by her. Pretty amazing.

The bible presents us with many examples of mothers. Role models for what a quintessential mother looks like. Mothers who are full of love, patience and who always put their children first. Of course, Mary is probably the first example of motherhood that comes to mind. But she is not the only mother mentioned in the bible.

In Genesis we learn about Sarah (or Sarai as she is first known). Sarah was childless and not able to conceive, a common theme of motherhood in the bible. Sarah waited a long time and was an old woman by the time she bore her son Isaac. She ‘laughed with joy’ when she became a mother.

Rebekah is another mother whose story is told in the bible. Rebekah’s journey of motherhood is not easy. She has twin boys who constantly compete and challenge each other, dividing their family. Rebekah’s challenge shows that motherhood is not an easy journey!

And of course, what about Jochebed? You are probably wondering who she is and you might not know her name, but I can guarantee you know what she did. Jochebed selflessly gave up her baby to save his life. She hid him for three months before putting him in a papyrus basket and placing him on the Nile where he floated down river and was found by the pharaoh’s daughter, Miriam. Of course, the baby was Moses and Jochebed was his mother.

Another well-known mother in the bible is Elizabeth. Elizabeth also struggles to conceive, but in when she is older, an angel visits her husband, Zechariah and tells him she will have a son. Of course, Elizabeth was Mary’s cousin and her son was John the Baptist.

The bible is full of examples of motherhood. By looking to the bible, we can hear the message loud and clear. Motherhood is one of the most challenging, fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and emotional roles a woman can undertake. So this year’s Mother’s Day may not have been exactly what we would have chosen, but it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, we can still say thank you to the amazing mothers in our lives (whether they’re our mother or not) and I know that I am thankful every day that I have been given the opportunity to be a mother – the most amazing and important role I have.

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