‘Spei Satelles: Satellites of Hope’


On Monday the 12th of June, a satellite, Spei Satelles, with the words of Pope Francis was launched into space. These words were his moments of prayer celebrated on the 27th of March 2020, at an address during the pandemic. These words have become an ‘icon of hope, a seed of hope from which to start again.’

There was the opportunity to join the mission of hope by signing up online and committing to carry out an action of fraternity on Earth. The Spei Satelles with these names and commitments, along with Pope Francis’ words from the address in 2020, will transmit a radio signal which can be perceived with amateur instruments.

As found on the Spei Satelles website the nanobook on board carries these several messages:

  • The potential positive value of the relationship between science, technology and faith
  • The inclusiveness value of the project which is materially carried out by young people with the most diverse human, spiritual and physical characteristics, who join the Holy Father to launch a message of hope to the world
  • The universal value of a gesture, which gives continuity to a message, which embraces the entire globe, as happened with the Statio Orbis broadcast on 27 March. Satellite travel actually involves all the inhabitants of the planet, wherever they are
  • Space and space exploration are a theme that fascinates and transversally involves all the most diverse generations and cultures across the planet: however, evoking a space exploration that is a source of hope and fraternity, not just the management of powers and of interests
  • The peculiarity of the objects in orbit in themselves if linked to the Holy See and the Pope, take up the trend of the Popes of the ‘900 and their Magisterium on these issues, among which, connected to the moon landing, that of Saint Paul VI stands out
  • The need for a strong call, in times of war, as a sign for peace, for brotherhood, for sharing. A symbolic technology that is a seed of hope

The logo for this mission is made up of many elements representing the Catholic Faith. The first element, the external dotted line of 59 dots represents the Rosary (number of beads on the Rosary) and combines other shapes. The cross, indicates the presence of Christ. The 12-pointed star represents the presence of Mother Mary. The triangle represents the figure of Pope Francis as he climbed the stairs of St. Peter’s Square during the Statio Orbis. Finally, the 3 extra dots represent the presence of the Trinity, as well as the triple announcement of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

“Hope does not disappoint, taking hope is an act of faith, the humblest of virtues, but the most daily, because it is like oxygen to breathe life and give it meaning. It is a gift to move forward, to act, to tolerate, to suffer. This is a world full of delusions. Hope is everyday, you find it in the little corners of your life and there is hope that carries you forward. Each of us can be the engine of this hope for ourselves and for the world.” ~ Pope Francis


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