Understanding the Move to Online Education


The transition to online learning for schools has been an uncertain one for teachers, students and families alike. Although, successfully educating students in an online environment is nothing new for Understanding Faith.

Based locally in Port Macquarie and operating for 13 years, Understanding Faith is Australia’s most widely-used online learning resource for religious education. The Understanding Faith team knows first-hand the benefits and challenges of online education.

Understanding Faith General Manager Jacob Sorensen said there has been increased usage of Understanding Faith since schools were required to move to an online learning approach.

“We have seen a substantial increase in usage of Understanding Faith since COVID-19 directives required most students to move to an online learning environment at home. The increase is a combination of this new requirement with Understanding Faith’s long-standing experience and quality of resources in the online environment,” Jacob said.

“Our primary school subscribers increased their usage by five times when comparing the periods before and after the move to an online learning environment. In addition to this increased usage by existing subscribers, there been an increase in paid and trial subscriptions as well.”

“This transition is new for all of us and we are more than happy to support teachers during this time. In fact, our resources make teaching religious education even easier than the traditional methods and are tailored to specific curriculum requirements.”

Jacob Sorensen said Understanding Faith has flexible, one-to-one modules that provide all the teaching resources needed in the one place. The modules use a variety of content including multimedia to ensure maximum engagement of students.

“New modules that offer educational insights across other faiths such as the “World Religions” module ensures that religious education is more relevant than ever,” Jacob said.

Jacob Sorensen said free trial subscriptions are available to help schools try the resource.

Understanding Faith is a ministry of St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, Port Macquarie.

For a free trial, head to the Understanding Faith webpage.


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