World Day of Social Justice


On the 20th of Feb, we celebrate World Day of Social Justice, with the theme “Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice.” Many of our world’s population are deprived of basic needs like shelter, jobs, medical care, education and nutrition. It is our job as a collective, to ensure that social justice becomes a norm in our world.

As stated on the United Nations website, “The 2023 World Day of Social Justice provides an opportunity to foster dialogue with Member States, youth, social partners, civil society, UN organisations and other stakeholders on actions needed to strengthen the social contract that has been fractured by rising inequalities, conflicts and weakened institutions that are meant to protect the rights of workers.”

Our world has a long history of discrimination, poverty, financial crises, high unemployment rates, exclusion and a lack of basic necessities for all. Observing World Day of Social Justice is crucial. As listed here:

  1. It creates a fair world – social justice is essential in creating a fair and just world for everyone. Be it access to basic healthcare for a better life, education, equal opportunities, or living in a safe world. Social justice is required to ensure it is a fair world and every individual can thrive.
  2. It allows each individual to live with dignity – with access to education, healthcare, shelter, employment, etc, individuals, can lead a dignified life without having to rely on the mercy of others. It is important that people feel a sense of belonging in this world to ensure harmonious relations and progression.
  3. Social issues are highlighted – World Day of Social Justice raises awareness to the many prevailing issues in the world that don’t get enough attention. It is not known to many that malnutrition across the world is a serious issue. Another major concern is child obesity. By focusing on these, we can take appropriate measures to alleviate them and provide a better life to many.


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