World Peace and Prayer Day


On June 21st we celebrate World Peace and Prayer Day, which is a day to encourage everyone to pray for our world, regardless of nationality, religion, and life experiences. This is reflected in this year’s theme, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer. This is also a day to learn more about Mother Earth and our environment.

In 1994, the Native American Spiritual Leader of the Great Sioux Nation, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, felt the need to create this day following the birth of a white buffalo, which is considered incredibly sacred, as only 1 in 10 million buffalos are white. The appearance of white animals when usually uncommon is seen as a forewarning of a powerful, yet necessary change. This signified a time of change for the Earth as well as a healing for the nations. On this day, Native Americans as well as other cultures gather together at sacred sites such as cultural sites, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and other places of prayer. Other events such as speakers, documentaries and information, stories, and ceremonies are often held.

Below is a video from, outlining the reasons behind World Peace and Prayer Day.

As stated on the website, ‘The positive impact of World Peace and Prayer Day events has given participants a foundation of knowledge to take back their own communities and work for solutions. We accomplished a global community empowered by unity and determination to set a standard in alternative living practices and use environmentally safe products. They also gained an understanding into the importance of protecting Earth’s most sacred sites through preserving the sites natural resources.’


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