Feast of Saint Agnes


St Agnes (Saint Agnes of Rome) is known as the patron saint for young girls. She was martyred at the age of 12 or 13, for her strong belief in God, and denied all requests for marriage. She is often pictured with a lamb, symbolising her purity. We celebrate her feast day on the 21st of January.

“To Christ alone, I am associated in heaven, whom on earth I have loved with all devotedness.”

Saint Agnes is a strong example of faith, as she would’ve rathered sacrificed her life than betray or speak poorly of the Lord. She is one who completely dedicated her life to Christ. Her remains are at the Catacomb of Saint Agnes, on the left side of Via Nomentana in Rome. The Congregation of Sisters of St Agnes was founded by Father Caspar Rehrl in 1858.

On her feast day, two lambs are brought to be blessed by the Pope. On Holy Thursday, the lamb’s wool is removed and woven into the pallium that the Pope then gives to a newly consecrated archbishop.

“All nations, praise in word and writing the life of St. Agnes. She triumphed over her tender age as well as over merciless tyrant. To the crown of spotless innocence she added the glory of martyrdom.” – St Jerome.


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