Studies in Catholic Thought


A recent addition to the secondary curriculum is the Studies in Catholic Thought syllabus.

This syllabus aims at ‘developing students’ understanding of the Catholic tradition’. The syllabus looks at the spiritual, ethical, political and social elements of the Catholic religion. The syllabus is designed to complement the current Studies of Religion (SoR) course on offer. The table blow summarises the year 11 and year 12 course structure.

Year 11 Course

1 Unit

Who is a Human Person?

The Trinitarian God and Humanity

The Reimagining of Creation

2 Unit

Faith, Reason and Science

To Be Fully Human

Year 12 Course

1 Unit

Virtue, Vice and Salvation

The Good Works

The Common Good

2 Unit

Students select TWO of the following units:

Set Text Study

The Church and the Arts

The Church and First Peoples

The Church and the Contemporary World

Studies in Catholic thought is well supported by Understanding Faith.

As you may have seen, the Understanding Faith resource (primary and secondary) has just been updated. In addition to updated images, interactive activities, slideshows, audios, videos, newspaper articles and YouTube links, there are three significant content updates in the Secondary resource:

1.Addition of Part Nine in Title 14. This new part details the life and contribution to education of Saint Angela Merici, Blessed Edmund Rice and Saint Marcellin Champagnat.

2.Title 58 – Set Text Study. This is a detailed unit on The Didache, and is part of the 2-Unit Studies in Catholic Thought syllabus.

3.Title 59 – The Church and the Arts. This unit forms part of the 2-Unit Studies in Catholic Thought syllabus and focuses on Mary, the Mother of God.

If you are already subscribed and are unable to access Titles 58 and 59, just contact our office, and we will give you instant access.

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