July/August 2023 Updates


At the start of August we completed a content update for both the Primary and Secondary resources. Some things could potentially be displaying incorrectly on your devices. To be able to see these new changes, you will need to clear your cache. To do this, select your browser menu dropdown and locate “History”, and select clear history. From the clear history options, you can select and deselect what you wish. After this, you will need to refresh your page and sign in. We recommend selecting “Cookies” and “Cache” then Clear Now. The updates included are listed below.

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National Safe Work Month


Statistics show that $736 MILLION of workers’ compensation paid was related to mental health conditions in 2018-19, 120,355 serious workers’ compensation claims were made in 2019-2022, and as of last month, 115 Australian deaths were work-related deaths this year alone. October is National Safe Work Month – a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

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What’s new in Understanding Faith 2021?

What's New

Understanding Faith is an educational ministry of St Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie, under the leadership of Parish Priest, Father Paul Gooley.

We are very proud of our unique multimedia resource, which links student content, Church teachings and Scripture, to interactive activities, video excerpts, radio broadcasts, music, newspaper articles, slideshows, and the internet – as well as pedagogically sound and contemporary teaching and learning activities.

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