Studies of Religion Overview

Understanding FaithFrom 2019, the Studies of Religion units will have Overview sections.

Because these units are so large, the team at Understanding Faith has added a quick reference contents page that links you straight to the content.
Look for these under: ‘Part 1: Overview’ of each Studies of Religion unit.

For your reference, we have listed the secondary Studies of Religion units below. Log-in to access these links directly.

24 – World Religions

31 – Religious Traditions in Australia Prior to 1945

33 – Search For Meaning

43 – Australian Aboriginal Beliefs and Spirituality – The Dreaming

44 – Religious Expression in Australia – 1945 to the Present

45 – Religious Traditions Depth Studies – Christianity

46 – Religious Traditions Depth Studies – Islam

47 – Religious Traditions Depth Studies – Judaism

48 – Religion and Peace – Christianity

49 – Religion and Peace – Judaism

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