Survey Response Summary


It’s that time of year again, to summarise what we’ve gathered through our annual survey. Thank you to over 150 of our subscribers, who gave us their input this year. If you would like to see who won the $250 Coles gift voucher, check out our latest YouTube video. These annual surveys are not the only time you can provide us with feedback, please feel free to contact us at any point in the year to offer your feedback and suggestions.

Starting off with some positive feedback about the elements responders love about the resource:

  • drop down menus
  • icon bars
  • glossaries and summaries
  • focus points and main points
  • Unpacking the Scriptures
  • Important Word PDFs
  • images throughout the product
  • unit titles
  • Current elements that you love, but think may need a little tweaking:

  • product layout
  • ability to view all titles at once
  • more advance search engine
  • Suggestions we offered which you would like to see included:

  • rearranging units so SOR in SiCT units are grouped together
  • aligning the stages with the Australian Curriculum
  • Elements we mentioned in the survey which prompted mixed feedback:

  • free resources on the Understanding Faith website
  • social media accounts
  • webinar series
  • Let’s explore these a bit further.

    In addition to our Understanding Faith product, we have compiled a variety of free resources to make teaching RE even easier. To access these, head over to our website and locate ‘Resources’ in the top menu bar.

    You can find links to our social media accounts – Spotify, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, on the landing page of our website.

    For a quick insight to what each platform is used for, check out this short video here!

    Our free webinars cover a variety of topics including information about our product, new elements, or areas of interest which may help teachers to understand more about what they teach. We would love to hear from our subscribers if there are any webinar topics you would find beneficial. We are continually producing new webinars which are published to this YouTube channel.

    Testimonials are crucial for us for many reasons, which is why we always appreciate receiving them. Not only do they offer another form of communication, they also affirm our product and ensure that we are meeting our subscribers’ needs. We received over 40 testimonials through our survey which is amazing! We have been gradually posting these across our social media accounts.

    It’s such a great resource we often use to consolidate knowledge. – Alicia McDonald

    After using tired and outdates products to assist teaching and learning of Religious Education, Understanding Faith’s learning platform has been a God-send! – Sophie Harrison

    A must have in the Primary RE setting. The constant updates are also of great help. – Dane Fitzpatrick

    Your resource is invaluable for teaching Studies of Religion. There is so much valuable information to be found. – Marg Gobius

    Pleasing designs and in inviting layout means my students are always happy to use these tools. – Nigel Mitchell

    Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s annual survey. We received an overwhelming response and will use your feedback to continue to improve the Understanding Faith Resource to support your teaching of Religious Education. Your input is highly valued and appreciated.

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