Feedback from UF Survey


At the start of the year, we sent out a survey to our subscribers about our resource. We’ve received all the results and have been going through the feedback, to draw out the most common responses, and to gain some insight where we can continue to improve our product. Here is some feedback developed from the results, from our manager, Jacob.

We often receive feedback from teachers that the Understanding Faith resource saves them a lot of time. And let’s fact it! Teachers are very busy. There is so much to attend to, so much paperwork, that it can sometimes be difficult to find the time you’d like to devote to preparing the best lessons possible! That’s where Understanding Faith helps. It literally gives you that time. Not only that! You can be confident that, when you use the resource, what you are teaching is Catholic through and through. Let us know what you think!

Is matching your curriculum/program to Understanding Faith sometimes a chore? Don’t forget, we have mapped the primary curricula for numerous dioceses to the resource on our website! And if your curriculum is not included there, all you have to do is send an email to Kim at Understanding Faith with an attachment of the curriculum/program, and we’ll organise it for you. The same applies to you if you are a secondary teacher; simply email Kim with your curriculum/program, and we’ll organise the rest – fast!

Teachers frequently tell us that they like the content in the Understanding Faith resource. And it’s not surprising! After all, the content is organised to that it is easy to access and use. That frees up your valuable time. And Don’t forget! If you can’t find what you are looking for, use the search button at the bottom of the first page of the resource! The content is also supplemented by many engaging multimedia activities, interactive activities and learning strategies that are easy to use in the classroom. Another feature that saves you time!

Students often comment that one of the features they like the best about Understanding Faith is that, unlike a book, the resource is highly interactive. They point out that the activities help to facilitate and reinforce learning, and that the videos and slideshows are closely connected to the content. We frequently hear words and phrases, such as ‘really cool’, ‘fun’ and ‘helps us to learn’ to describe student’s experience of the resource. All features that make the job for you in the classroom so much easier! We’d love to know how your students describe their experience with Understanding Faith.

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