The Conversion of Saul


The 25th January is the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. I’m sure we all know the story of Saint Paul. When he was Saul, he was a persecutor of Christians. One day he was off to Damascus (to persecute some more Christians) when he was suddenly blinded by a bright light. This event, and those that followed, resulted in one of the most well known accounts of conversion in the bible and a change in the course of the new Christian Church.

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2019 Religious Education Symposium

Sandra Cullen

My colleagues and I were fortunate to attend and be a sponsor at the 2019 Religious Education Symposium in Darling Harbour last week. Attending the symposium allowed us the opportunity to exhibit our product, the Understanding Faith resource, and also to attend keynote presentations and workshops which were both informative and formative.

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