Remembering Fr Leo Donnelly


“The best way to describe a megalopsychos is his body is not big enough to contain his soul – someone whose soul, whose capacity for goodness, whose compassion, whose virtue is so great that it just bursts out of them. Such people do exist, but they are very rare. And I met my first and only megalopsychos in Fr Leo Donnelly.” – Bishop Greg Homeming.

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All Saints Day


There are more than 10,000 Saints recognised in the Catholic Church. To celebrate each one of them, on the 1st of November, we celebrate All Saints Day. This day is to venerate all the holy men and woman that were canonized by the Church. The first Saint, St Ulrich of Augsburg was canonised in 993, and more recently, St Carlos Acutis canonised in 2020.

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World Mission Sunday

“Every Christian is called to be a missionary and witness to Christ. And the Church, the community of Christ’s disciples, has no other mission than that of bringing the Gospel to the entire world by bearing witness to Christ. To evangelize is the very identity of the Church.” – Pope Francis.

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National Carer’s Week & Young Carers


Did you know that some of your students could be young carers? Approximately 235,000 carers are aged between the ages of 12 and 25. Carers are people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue, or who are frail aged – anyone at any time can become a carer.

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